The truth.. the Best gear a Photographer will ever Need..

But the truth.. the Best gear a photographer will ever Have is something that cannot be bought. 

Its you. Simply your curiosity, your hunger, your passion, your experiences, your dedication, your creativity, the inner child and your ability to generate ideas and push your imagination into reality. See the world like you once did, and I promise you will see the whole world in a more delicious flavour. 

My first image was of a disheartened tree in the autumn about to hibernate, the leaves leaving the branches and the misty sky pushing through and shining on my shoebox.

I was so intrigued by what the teacher was saying.. when she told me to go get a shoe box, paint it black.. cut a hole in it..  for you out there who have not gone through this very same experience, its called pinhole photography (great link on how to make one) and thats where It all started for me. When I put that photo paper into the shoe box let the light marinate onto the photo paper.. then seeing an image being created in the dark room.. my eyes lit up.. and thats when I realised that Light it self is the key to photography and to image creation. I knew what I wanted to be.. a creator, artist and to craft image in what ever way I could.  

My photography is inspired by everything, but initially it was from my indian heritage my family, the colours and the rich history of soul and creativity in india. Then the master artists and painters in the centuries gone by like Leonardo da VinciRembrandt to name a few. Now in 2015 I have a tool (Canon 5D mark 3) which gives me the ability to capture breathtaking moments, detail, emotion, texture, smells, atmospheres, in a single click. Very exciting!

The best tip or advice I can give to any Photographer, artist, creator or wanting advice.. just shoot you. Shoot what inspires you, learn by doing. The trick is to not be bogged down by technicalities, or price tags on gear, but to push your creativity and test new things with what you have.. I started off with a shoe box.. 

But the truth.. the Best gear a photographer will ever Have is himself. 

Go play and have fun.. as Chase Jarvis (go research this awesome dude) put it ‘The Best Camera is the One That’s with You’

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